We invite you to discover, through its sporting goods, the Resistex® Carbon technology: garment made from carbon thread. This carbon yarn is obtained by the union of textile fibers and filaments of conductive material based on activated carbon. This Resistex® Carbon technology makes it possible to obtain garments with unique technical characteristics.



Carbon fiber speeds up the process of evaporating perspiration, slows the formation of moisture on your skin and keeps the temperature constant.


This garment respects your skin and protects it from polluting bacteria and dust, reducing the risk of allergies.


During physical activity, carbon fiber lowers lactic acid concentration, improves blood circulation, and oxygenates cells.


100% natural, contains no chemicals and is non-toxic.


Carbon fiber protects your body against the absorption of static energy, electrosmog and UV rays.


Thanks to its conductivity, the carbon fiber absorbs and distributes the electric current that you accumulate during a physical exercise or in your environment.


Resistex® Carbon has been shown to increase the effectiveness of technical sportswear by increasing the athletic performance of the athlete. Resistex® Carbon is particularly powerful, especially in disciplines requiring prolonged physical effort over time and in high temperature ambient conditions. The athlete's performance remains constant and even tends to grow during the thirty minutes of effort with the Resistex® Carbon shirt; in particular, a performance of 24.68% is observed at 15 minutes against one of 24.93% after 30 minutes.

On the contrary, wearing a full polyester jersey, the percentage of performance tends to decrease over time during exercise. Resistex® Carbon therefore delays the onset of fatigue during exercise.


Extensive studies in the field of ESD (Electro Static Discharge), have shown that the problem of control of static electricity and electric field variables, refers to any type of environment. The human body is affected by the presence of these natural phenomena.

Indeed, the electrical charges scattered in our body are responsible for many undesirable effects. Resistex® Carbon prevents the discharge of electrical charges on the body, preventing muscle contractions, cramps and fatigue.

Carbon improves the electrical performance of human bodies by promoting blood circulation and regular oxygen delivery to cells.
Resistex® Carbon's high resistivity features also help improve moisture dispersion by promoting sweat evaporation. The less moisture in contact with the skin, the greater the feeling of well-being.


Many tests have been conducted in collaboration with Dr. David Susta, scientific director of the Center for the Development of Como Training. The tests compared the Resistex® Carbon jersey and other fully polyester jerseys, worn by a group of athletes during a workout conducted in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

  • the increase in body temperature of athletes was three times lower for those wearing Resistex® Carbon,
  • Respiratory parameters were better in people wearing Resistex® Carbon. For these athletes, the oxygen requirement was reduced by 3 liters / minute, improving the respiratory quotient,
  • the heart rate of athletes wearing Resistex® Carbon was less than 4 beats / minute compared to others. In 4 hours, this translates to about 1000 less heartbeats,
  • the lactic acid concentration in the capillary blood was also measured, with a result of about 12% less acid in those who trained with Resistex® Carbon.


Resistex® carbon fabric under stress
Natural fabric under constraints
Synthetic fabric under constraints